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Family of USB Connectors for Racks, Sections and Panel Devices
Applicable to standard of USB 2.0/3.0, Type A. Simple installation; the flexible interface to PCBA; It is suitable for all kinds of products and ...  > view
Kit Applicable to Buckraking Machine or Silo-Bag
The present invention relates to a kit which can be easily adapted to a buckraking device or silo-bag, to allow people to work ...  > view
New Aero-space Transportation Patent
A new Areo-space transportation drive is claimed with defined thrust, defined efficiency and defined steerability performance   > view
Electrical Stimulation Systems with Sensors and Feedback
Patents covering method and electronic components for electrical stimulation systems for biomedical applications. Electrical signals can be continuously adjusted using sensors and feedback ...  > view
Power Adapter and Battery Charger with Absolutely Zero Standby Power-loss
External power adapter and battery charger that consume no power in standby mode.  > view
Electronic Active Filters for Telecommunications
Active RC Electronic Biquad - Universal Self-Compensated Filters for IF-Radio Frequency Telecommunications  > view
Expendable supplies container capable of determining residual quantity of expendable supplies
Capable of determining residual quantity of expendable supplies  > view
Expendables container capable of measuring residual amount of expendables and expendables detecting device
A radio sensor for detecting a quantity of consumable supplies present in a container or a reservoir. The sensor uses radio signal for ...  > view
Leak Current Detector and Breaker
A break-through technology to detect true leakage that solves the problems of traditional current leak detection technology.  > view
Flexible Hydraulic Muscle
This technology provides a powerful flexible muscle for performing various types of useful work, including as a robotic arm via hydraulic fluid or ...  > view
Power Saving for Display Devices
This invention can reduce power consumption of LCD devices by about 50% by using new color filter technology, so power of smart phones/touch ...  > view
Robotic Tooling Collision Detection System
A variable sensitive, breakaway compliance device.  > view
High speed high efficiency digital to analog signal generator
Analog signal generation using low accuracy components with high bandwidth, high gain, and low power consumption  > view
A Re-igniting Device for Vacuum Arc Plasma Source
A method and apparatus for automatically re-igniting vacuum arc plasma source.  > view
CMRC 4th Sub-harmonically Pumped Mixer
The technology relates to a 4th sub-harmonically pumped mixer (4th SHM) structure for microwave and millimeter-wave.  > view
Automatic Brake System Modulator
A unique, simple, durable and affordable device for improved cycling - safe speed control and stops, avoiding accidents.   > view
Micro Device Technology
Standard High Voltage Adaptors & New Illumination Jack Adaptors  > view
Private Listing: Number 7121
The owner of this listing has requested that patent numbers, descriptions and other information be provided only to qualifying buyers under confidentiality agreement. ...  > view
Private Listing: Number 6256
The owner of this listing has requested that patent numbers, descriptions and other information be provided only to qualifying buyers under confidentiality agreement. ...  > view