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Smartphone data backup and restoration system
Establishes bi-directional communication between smartphone and system device and sending data through backup and restoration  > view
Remote power state detector
A system for remotely indicating a power state (ON-OFF) of a home or business appliances. This system is easily configurable and flexible tool ...  > view
TV-remote with Transparent Touch-Screen for Performing Multi-Touch Functions
Remotely performing multi-touch functions on a TV-screen, as the user viewing the TV-screen from distance through a transparent touch-screen that is held by ...  > view
Home Automation & Power Technologies
Covers devices and technologies which relate to home automation and power  > view
Efficient & Targeted Heating Operating System
Comprises a valve actuator similar to a thermostatic radiator valve fitted to every radiator. The valve actuator monitors the room temperature and communicates ...  > view
Security System Activated BEFORE Burglary
Autonomous wireless alarm system that detects burglars and keeps them, before they even attempt to break in or cause any kind of damage ...  > view
Efficient Device for Eliminating Smoke
The invention uses high‐frequency circuits and fly‐back transformers to generate high voltage electric field arc. This arc plasma impinges upon a ...  > view
New Improved Design of HDMI Cables
This patent and innovation promises major performance improvement over current designs  > view
Intelligent Talking Kettle
Microprocessor controlled voice emulation stove top tea kettle with voiced alerts  > view