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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 222

Battery Circuitry and Backup Power
Battery circuits and system designs including back-up power and battery contact design  > view
Battery Circuitry and Backup Power Technologies
Enhancements of system designs not only for generic batteries but also for back-up power and battery contact designs.  > view
Power Supply Backup Technologies
Power supply backup circuits, hardware, power cells, batteries  > view
DVD, Blue Ray & Other Optical Storage Technologies
Video compression , Optical Disk Drives & Copy Protection  > view
Memory & IC Devices & Fabrication
Semiconductor memory & other integrated circuit devices & fabrication  > view
Protection Circuitry for Hot Swap
Protection of circuitry during a hot swap event.  > view
Power & Management Technology
PC, Server & other electronic equipment components and system hardware.   > view
Rapid Power MOSFET Switching Circuit
Turn-on threshold biased power MOSFET switching provides high bandwidth DC-DC voltage conversion at high efficiency.  > view
Organic Semiconductor Thin Film
A substrate with organic thin film that can be grown two dimensionally.  > view
Memory Manufacturing Patents for Sale
Seven U.S. patents available for sale  > view
Portfolio of Memory Patents
Twenty seven patents available for sale.  > view
Network Communication Portfolio
36 US Network Patents for Sale  > view
Nonpolluting, Noise-free Thermo-Electric Cooler Technology
Solid-state thermoelectric coolers - provide unprecedented efficiency.  > view
Fast, Non-contact, In-situ temperature sensor 220C - 1200C
Fast, non-contact, in-situ temperature sensor in a range of 220-1200'C. A proven highly sensitive system for fast, accurate and precise temperature control.  > view
Defect detection using gray level signatures
A method and apparatus for inspecting isolated features on a reticle wherein the isolated features are analyzed for defects globally as individual, whole ...  > view