Electronic Engineering : Integrated Circuits

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High Precision Positioning Stage Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing
System and methods to provide high precision stage positioning for semiconductor manufacturing.  > view
Improved control over the dimensions of a patterned photo-resist
Control over the dimensions of a patterned photo-resist to better control the critical dimensions of fabricated devices  > view
Laser Pattern Generation and Control
Patent portfolio for generating and controlling laser patterns.  > view
System for Non-Contact Electrical Testing
Patent portfolio covers testing of interconnection circuitry using two modulated charged particle beams  > view
Fast, Non-contact, In-situ temperature sensor 220C - 1200C
Fast, non-contact, in-situ temperature sensor in a range of 220-1200'C. A proven highly sensitive system for fast, accurate and precise temperature control.  > view
System for Process Variation Monitor
A method to extend the process monitoring capabilities of a semiconductor wafer optical inspection system...  > view
Defect detection using gray level signatures
A method and apparatus for inspecting isolated features on a reticle wherein the isolated features are analyzed for defects globally as individual, whole ...  > view
Target acquisition technique for CD measurement machine
In a process for measuring the CD of a mask pattern transferred to a semiconductor wafer...  > view
Adaptive mask technique for defect inspection
A two-dimensional scatter plot is created by plotting the gray levels of pixels from a test image against the gray levels of corresponding ...  > view
Method and Apparatus for Depositing a Tantalum-Containing Layer on a Substrate
The technology relates to a method and apparatus for sputter depositing tantalum and/or tantalum nitride layers using a self-ionized plasma (SIP).   > view
System for Detecting Defects
A system for detecting defects in general, and to methods and systems for detecting defects in semiconductor manufacturing procedures, in particular.  > view
Method for Detecting Defects
The technology provides a method for inspecting a substrate for defects.  > view
Data converter apparatus and method particularly useful for a database-to-object inspection system
Data converter apparatus for converting in real time data stored in an input compact format into an output expanded real time format.   > view
Process inspection using full and segment waveform matching
Method for monitoring photolithographic processing carried out on a semiconductor substrate, particularly for inspecting the cross-sectional profile of a feature formed on the ...  > view
Straight line defect detection tool
The technology has particular applicability for in-line inspection of reticles with submicron design features.   > view
Automatic field sampling for CD measurement
A method and apparatus is provided for inspecting a semiconductor wafer for field-to-field critical dimension (CD) variations using statistical techniques....  > view
Feature-based defect detection
Detection of defects in patterned substrates, such as semiconductor wafers, particularly based on features in voltage-contrast images.   > view
Photolithography monitoring using a golden image
A method for monitoring the focus-exposure settings of a stepper in a photolithography process.  > view
Optical inspection of an object method and apparatus
A method and an apparatus for an optical inspection of an object, having upper and lower faces, so as to detect defects existing ...  > view
Method for detecting particles using illumination with several wavelengths
A system for the detection of very small particles on patterned or bare surfaces, particularly of semiconductor wafers.   > view