Electronic Engineering : Integrated Circuits

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Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 409

RF MEMS Technology, IPs & Patents divestiture
Ground breaking advances in RF MEMs switch technology and products  > view
Rapid Power MOSFET Switching Circuit
Turn-on threshold biased power MOSFET switching provides high bandwidth DC-DC voltage conversion at high efficiency.  > view
Dual-sided SONOS Cell NAND Array
Novel NAND array architecture that allows SONOS cells to be programmed and store dual-side data.   > view
Thermal Storage Material
With high thermal conductivity and large thermal capacity.  > view
Rasterizer Patents: Efficient Generation of Geometric Patterns
Proven technique for rapid drawing of intricate patents such as integrated circuits on a mask  > view
Organic Semiconductor Thin Film
A substrate with organic thin film that can be grown two dimensionally.  > view
System for Tracking and Identification of Manufacturing Defects
Patented inventions cover the identification, analysis and registration of manufacturing defects  > view
Memory Manufacturing Patents for Sale
Seven U.S. patents available for sale  > view
Portfolio of Memory Patents
Twenty seven patents available for sale.  > view
Network Communication Portfolio
36 US Network Patents for Sale  > view
Integrated MEMS Fabrication Methods
Integrated fabrication steps to produce stiction free MEMS devices  > view
Silicon-On-Insulator Manufacturing Technology
The portfolio describes processes and methods to improve the quality and reduce the cost of Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) starting wafers.  > view
Digital Light Processing (DLP) Micromirror Patent Portfolio
MEMS Device Design & Manufacturing IP for Rear Projection TV, HDTV & other Projector Displays  > view
Flash EEPROM Memory Patents
Device and Manufacturing Portfolio  > view
RFID Tag Embedded & Molded Into Glass Windows
Inventory, Tracking & History Data Device & Systems  > view
Micro-ElectroMechanical System (MEMS) Device Patent
Wireless & RF Switching Device Design & Manufacturing   > view
Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment, Techniques and Controls
Technique and equipment for cold wall chemical vapor deposition with unique controls  > view
Electron Beam Direct Writing of Semiconductor Wafers
apparatus and method of direct e-beam write of semiconductor wafers   > view