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System, Method and Apparatus for Co-locating Visual Images and Associated Sound
It turns the screen itself into the source of audio, tying sounds to the displayed locations of images in the media, which is ...  > view
Virtual Reality -- Augmented Reality Headset -- Mixed Reality -- Retractable Camera -- Medical Mask
Augmented Reality Lens built into Headwear. Virtual Reality headset built into apparel.  > view
Audio, Speech, Health monitoring and Therapy
Patents relating to audio, speech and noise reduction technology found in today's wireless communications systems, as well as technology found in health monitoring ...  > view
Power Foot Pedal For Drum Set
An improved bass drum pedal that is power assisted with a motor.   > view
Portable Audio System with Changeable Functionality
A portable audio system includes a housing, battery, wiring harness, speakers, and two or more audio controllers, each including at least one audio ...  > view
Voice Analysis Patent Portfolio - 10 assets
Digital services related to phone calls voice analysis (notes, emotions, searching in audio information). Ideal for CRC, insurance, banking and IoT focused.  > view
Personalized Electronic Greeting Card
Electronic greeting card - records a message and allows for playback of personalized greeting, message  > view
Authentic Reproduction of Acoustic Signal
The patented method may be applied to the reproduction of the acoustic signal in an audio reproduction room substantially identical to the original ...  > view
Guitar Pitch Stability System and a 7-Way Circuit for 3-PickUp Guitars
Allows for topside restringing of Fender Stratocaster guitars using only original and add-on parts; also a unique 7-way symmetric circuit for any 3-pickup ...  > view
Smart Phones and Related Technologies and Applications.
The portfolio spans across technologies covering & relating to routing in mobile ad-hoc networks, context monitoring, haptics, RFID, noise cancellation, voice/speech recognition thru ...  > view
Input Interface Technologies
The portfolio consists of an instant messaging interaction system and a magnetic joystick.  > view
Radial Speaker - Loudspeaker with 360 Degree Dispersion
A high-end-audio device - an 'omnidirectional radial tweeter'.  > view
Telecom Patent Portfolio
Portfolio of 7 US patents with international counterparts covering: MIMO, Wi-Fi Wireless, 4G/ LTE, 3G, Backhaul and Mobile patents  > view
DCT and Home Automation Patent Portfolio
Designs and methods for digital cordless telephone and other wireless devices  > view
Play-along prompted in time with a musical performance.
System and technique for the creation and playback of animated, interpretive, musical notation and audio synchronized with the recorded performance of an original ...  > view
Electronic Publishing Portfolio
Portfolio of 14 Issued US Patents from an Operating Company   > view
USB Audio devices for mobile applications
Multipurpose USB audio devices for mobile computing  > view
Digital convergence portfolio
Significant portfolio covering digital audio, video, hardware, imaging processing and electronic circuitry  > view
Fast Time-Scale Modification of Digital Signals
A very fast and simple method for modifying the time-scale of an audio or other digital signal while preserving the principal frequencies.  > view
Digital Voice Messaging
As simple to use as voice mail but also easily managed on a desktop or mobile devices in the same way as email   > view