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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 92

Image Processing & Electronics Portfolio
Image Processing & Electronics Portfolio  > view
Camera that installs INSIDE handgun
Handgun video transmits live from INSIDE the gun to cell tower automatically  > view
Display Area Co-filtering for Privacy and Glare
Display enhancement, to selectively obscure display images viewed through a window, and/or to mitigate sunlight glare.  > view
Scalable Video Coding Method
Method of scalable video coding where the video signal coded at various layers of spatial resolution, by means of a prediction mechanism between ...  > view
Scalable Video Coding Method
A method where the video signal is processed and coded at various layers of spatial resolution enabling more efficient prediction to be implemented ...  > view
Mobile / Cloud / GUI / Media Streaming Portfolio
Unencumbered Portfolio with Extensive Package of EOU  > view
Video On Demand Portfolio
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Patents  > view
Producing and Capturing Three Dimensional Images
A three dimensional ("3D") imaging device - receptive or projective in nature without requirement for an adaptive eye ware.  > view
DVD Patents
DVD Patents  > view
Camera Technology - Special Effects Moving Image Photography
a multiplex camera for capturing natural motion moving images  > view
Digital convergence portfolio
Significant portfolio covering digital audio, video, hardware, imaging processing and electronic circuitry  > view
Camera with LED flash
New technology for using LED for built in camera flash  > view
Optical Disk Technology
These patents cover some of key area for DVD system including one Digital TV patent.  > view
Digital Video Encoding
A method of bit rate estimation in data or video compression.  > view
Technique for Calculating SSD & Encoding Video Signal
A technique and equipment for calculating the Sum of Squared Difference (SSD) and encoding a video signal.  > view
Image and Video Compression Techniques
The technology relates to techniques and apparatus for compressing images.  > view
High Quality Projector - Light Source
Light source assemblies in digital projectors  > view
DVD Video Compression
Optical Disk Drive Video & Multimedia Streaming  > view
DVD Copy Protection
Optical Disk Drive Media & Data Copy Protection  > view