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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 663

Multimedia Portfolio
Portfolio includes four issued U.S. patents and ten international counterparts.  > view
Wired Network
Thirteen issued U.S. patents and over thirty international counterparts  > view
Mobile Network
A portfolio of 12 issued U.S. patents and 40 international counterparts for a mobile communication network  > view
Electronic Circuit Patents
Communication protocol for powerline based device monitoring.  > view
Accurate Estimate of a Mobile Device's Location
Through any transmitted signals using an algorithm/business method/software, accurately locate a mobile device in x,y,z or longitude, latitude and ...  > view
Smart Phones and Related Technologies and Applications.
The portfolio spans across technologies covering & relating to routing in mobile ad-hoc networks, context monitoring, haptics, RFID, noise cancellation, voice/speech recognition thru ...  > view
Hybrid Multicore Processor Architecture
The invention is valuable to chipsets going in to mobile phones, smart mobile devices, data processing equipment, consumer electronics etc.   > view
3G/4G Wireless Patent Portfolio
LTE is part of the GSM evolutionary path for mobile broadband.   > view
Instant Secure Communication Initiation and Provisioning for Mobile Devices
Secure authentication and data communication using two-dimensional images (e.g. bar codes), also known as quick response (QR) codes.   > view
New Solutions in Data Switching Networks
Optical remote node device: Scalable extended broadband solutions in FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) networks.  > view
Network Security
Detecting unknown network worms - an intrusion prevention system.  > view
Efficient Data Transmission Method and Circuit
Differental data delivery with highly efficient bandwidth and power saving.  > view
Gaming patents
Patents covering multiplayer games, learning games and mobile gaming  > view
Transportation Information Using Communication Network
This patent enables direct communication between a service provider and a customer, for example a taxi driver and passenger. The location of a ...  > view
Telecom Patent Portfolio
Portfolio of 7 US patents with international counterparts covering: MIMO, Wi-Fi Wireless, 4G/ LTE, 3G, Backhaul and Mobile patents  > view
Improved Spectral Efficiency in CDMA
Capacity improvement in CDMA networks, by choice of coding scheme.  > view
Technique for Identifying and Registering Entities
Advanced number-search and information services based on a (SOA) domain architecture  > view
Mobile Gaming Patent for Interacting with TV Shows & Commercials
Entertaining patented mobile game for mobile/cellphone interaction with broadcast and other media  > view
Cloud-based Secure Peer to Peer Unified Comms
Multi tenant Unified Communications SaaS System for business Integrates presence, SIP, IM and data with multi-level control system  > view
Minimum Edit Distance Algorithm
Finds the Minimum Edit Distance / Longest Common Subsequence for small alphabets such as DNA sequences or bytes  > view