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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 394

Telecommunications Portfolio
Telecommunications patents relating to networks, pbx, video conferencing, and text-to-scene conversion  > view
Rate Based Congestion Control for Packet Networks
Method to compute in a end-to-end fashion the sending rate of data, audio and video.  > view
Network and Systems Management
Fault Diagnostic Testing, OS Access rtc.  > view
Networking Technology
Message, Data & Storage Network Methods & Management  > view
A Device and Method to Enable Two-Way Communications with Multiple Handheld Sets
Hand-held units and method to provide low-cost, low-power, secure voice communications and direct secure voice communication between two, or more, hand-held transmitting & receiving ...  > view
Mobile VoIP & Standard Voice Communication
For Handsets, Operating Companies & Service Providers  > view
Network Data Transfer
Devices, Systems & Methods  > view
PCI and SCSI bus Technology
Processor & Storage Systems  > view
GPON Technology
Key component for Fiber-to-the-Home   > view
CDMA Wireless Receivers
Mobile wireless telecomm technology  > view
Ultra High Speed Digital Chip Technology
Unique products for LCD display equipment and network equipment applications.  > view
Mobile Cellular Wireless
Subscriber Location plus Network & Cell Configuration  > view
Single Crystal Thin Film Technology
A technique for flattening to an atomic level oxide crystal surfaces.  > view
Network Telephony Patents for Sale
Five U.S. patents available for sale.  > view