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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 78

External Cylinder Packer Head/Piston
A packer head/piston with hydraulic cylinders outside of the charge chamber/cylinder.  > view
Glow Home Decor
Renewable Energy  > view
Miniature High-Resolution Printer
Compact, next-generation Laser/LED design enables substantial reductions in printing costs.  > view
Optical Switching Portfolio
Group of light-modulating switching patents for optical networks.  > view
Multi-Beam Patent Portfolio for Accurate High-Speed Placement and Overlay
Field-proven technologies for correcting critical dimension errors including uniformity and linearity errors arising from multiple sources with an emphasis on real-time computations during ...  > view
Ink-Jet Printing Nozzle
Patented technique for manufacture of precise ink-jet printer nozzles  > view
Personal Digital Assistant Printer
Telephone Message and Retrieval System  > view
Print Services Software
Five patents related to print services technology.  > view
Printer Technology
A portfolio of eight patents for printer technology.  > view
Scanner Hardware
Space Saving Technologies  > view
Printer Configuration, Control and Upgrade Techniques
This portfolio contains inventions related to a printers configuration options and capabilities, as well as customization features aimed at increasing printing efficiency.  > view
Ink Jet Printing
Inkjet printers in spray mode - bubble valves & magnetically actuated valves to control ink flow.  > view
Professional & Consumer Scanner and Printer Equipment
Including image sensing and processing.  > view
Scanning technologies in standalone scanners or multifunctional printers (MFPs)  > view
Electron Beam Curing Technology
Apparatus and Methods for Curing Ink on a Substrate Using Scanning Electron Beam  > view
Laser Printing
Equipment design & implentation, materials and print process technologies  > view
Keyboard with Multiple Indicia Sets
A keyboard displaying multiple sets of characters with no additional switching   > view
Mask and Wafer Pattern Correction Strategy
Advance pattern correction technology mainly for semiconductor applications  > view
Advanced Mask and Wafer Writing Technology
Advance pattern generatrion technology mainly for semiconductor applications  > view