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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 288

Display Area Co-filtering for Privacy and Glare
Display enhancement, to selectively obscure display images viewed through a window, and/or to mitigate sunlight glare.  > view
Dual Screen OLED Display
Efficient dual screen OLED  > view
Portfolio of Pioneering Optical See-Through Head Mount Display Patents
The patent portfolio embodies novel technologies for the development of eye-glass format, optical see through head mount displays for augmented reality applications.  > view
TV-remote with Transparent Touch-Screen for Performing Multi-Touch Functions
Remotely performing multi-touch functions on a TV-screen, as the user viewing the TV-screen from distance through a transparent touch-screen that is held by ...  > view
Organic Light Emitting Device Display Technology
Organic light emitting device – the patented technology provides for a barrier to protect against environmental degradation.  > view
Mobile / Cloud / GUI / Media Streaming Portfolio
Unencumbered Portfolio with Extensive Package of EOU  > view
OLED Pixels for Manufacturing with Cost-Reduction Printing Process
For manufacturing televisions with low-speed OLED transistors, multiple rows of pixels are enabled together with these transistors, but each individual row in the ...  > view
Geographic Information System
Four U.S. patents and their international counterparts.  > view
Multimedia Portfolio
Portfolio includes four issued U.S. patents and ten international counterparts.  > view
Display Technologies
A portfolio of US and international counterparts  > view
Input Interface Technologies
The portfolio consists of an instant messaging interaction system and a magnetic joystick.  > view
3D Technology
Capture images with two cameras and display accordingly based on the image calculation (by algorithm)  > view
Wind & Solar Powered media signs with e-Paper Displays
Sustainable outdoor digital media, highly visible, energy neutral or power positive, digital streetpole banners, VAWT windmills   > view
Touch Screen User Interface Patent
For Use in Smartphones, Tablets and other Electronic Devices  > view
Technology to Produce Pure White Light Source Using Low Cost Materials.
By using selected low cost phosphors, a pure white source is produced, with energy savings, stable color performance.  > view
User Interface-Data Entry Patents for Mobile Handsets and other Electronic Devices
Enables rapid input of data into a handheld device with one hand.  > view
Green Energy-Saving PC Mouse Patent
Battery power saving achieved via proximity sensor that switches off when hand removed from mouse pointer device.  > view
Power Saving for Display Devices
This invention can reduce power consumption of LCD devices by about 50% by using new color filter technology, so power of smart phones/touch ...  > view