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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 464

Mask and Wafer Pattern Correction Strategy
Advance pattern correction technology mainly for semiconductor applications  > view
Award-Winning Digital Rights Management Software
Established Software Product Line with Profitable and Growing Revenue Streams  > view
Photon Beam & Photon Pair Generating Devices
Applications include a quantum cryptographic communications system, a quantum computation system, an analysis system or a similar system using light.  > view
System for Protecting Access into an Access-Controlled Entity
Prevents unauthorized access into an access controlled entity or environment by a unique, highly effective fail counter.  > view
Portfolio of Laser Distance Surveying Instruments Patents
Extensive portfolio covering the use of laser for distance measuring  > view
Internet Communication - Session Management
A technique for managing a session over a stateless protocol.  > view
Wireless & WAN/LAN Security
Security management of unusual traffic plus location controlled wireless access  > view
Iris Recognition
Iris or other biometric access to data, transactions or facilities  > view
Audio & Video Technology
Twenty one U.S. patent applications for sale.  > view
System for Tracking and Identification of Manufacturing Defects
Patented inventions cover the identification, analysis and registration of manufacturing defects  > view
Data Management Patent Portfolio for Sale
Nine U.S. patents available for sale  > view
Wireless Patent Portfolio for Sale
Five U.S. patents available for sale.  > view
Cell Phone and GPS Patents
Sixteen U.S. patents available for sale.  > view
Portfolio of JPEG Patents for Sale
5 U.S. patents included in this portfolio   > view
Video Compression Processing
Advanced algorithms for video compression  > view
Network Communication Portfolio
36 US Network Patents for Sale  > view
Console, Internet & Multi-player Gaming Patents
Hardware, Software, Systems & eBusiness  > view
Electron Beam Direct Writing of Semiconductor Wafers
apparatus and method of direct e-beam write of semiconductor wafers   > view