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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 464

Geographic Information System
Four U.S. patents and their international counterparts.  > view
Image Processing
A portfolio of four U.S. issued patents and international counterparts.  > view
Integrated circuits
Fifteen U.S. patents and their international counterparts  > view
Wired Network
Thirteen issued U.S. patents and over thirty international counterparts  > view
Mobile Network
A portfolio of 12 issued U.S. patents and 40 international counterparts for a mobile communication network  > view
Authentication via Complex Picture Passwords
Provides a robust, usable, inexpensive and scalable multi-factor authentication solution.  > view
Cloud and enterprise license management
For subscriptions, applications & other software   > view
Instant Secure Communication Initiation and Provisioning for Mobile Devices
Secure authentication and data communication using two-dimensional images (e.g. bar codes), also known as quick response (QR) codes.   > view
3D Technology
Capture images with two cameras and display accordingly based on the image calculation (by algorithm)  > view
Network Security
Detecting unknown network worms - an intrusion prevention system.  > view
Cloud-Based Dynamic Data Collection
Easily Create XML Templates for Web-Based Data Collection.  > view
Three-Stage, Double Blind Credit Rating of Securities
A computer-implemented system and method for rating an asset by performing a double-blind, three-stage credit rating of a securitized instrument or other financial ...  > view
Minimum Edit Distance Algorithm
Finds the Minimum Edit Distance / Longest Common Subsequence for small alphabets such as DNA sequences or bytes  > view
DVD Patents
DVD Patents  > view
Wireless Patents Portfolio - Protection and Security
System for controlling context-based wireless devices access to networks (802.11, 802.1X, 802.11i and WiMAX, etc.)  > view
Conditional Access System for Content Distributors & Service Providers
Reduces piracy, enhances security for service provider and subscriber.  > view
Encryption system
This patent covers the random generation of password and communication between 2 devices.  > view
Password Self Encryption
Secure technique for encryption of secret information by a numeric function of itself that defeats key factoring and spoofing attacks  > view
Computing System Security & Integrity
PC & embedded computing system authorized and secure process execution and system device access.  > view