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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 64

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Predictions
Finding correlations between data in big data analytics, making predictions with machine-learning, personalizing ratings and content  > view
Making Holographic Data of Complex Waveforms
Differentiation or recognition of a waveform pattern.  > view
Voice Analysis Patent Portfolio - 10 assets
Digital services related to phone calls voice analysis (notes, emotions, searching in audio information). Ideal for CRC, insurance, banking and IoT focused.  > view
Powerful Ultrafast and Robust Control Algorithm
This algorithm simultaneously optimizes the time and frequency response of feedback control systems.  > view
Machine Learning for Web Search and Peer Sharing of Models
User generates content-based model and sends to web index to retrieve dense results; system finds users with similar interests.  > view
Smart Phones and Related Technologies and Applications.
The portfolio spans across technologies covering & relating to routing in mobile ad-hoc networks, context monitoring, haptics, RFID, noise cancellation, voice/speech recognition thru ...  > view
Minimum Edit Distance Algorithm
Finds the Minimum Edit Distance / Longest Common Subsequence for small alphabets such as DNA sequences or bytes  > view
Virtual Modeling of Biological Tissue with Adaptive Emergent Functionality
A technique for modeling biological tissue yielding virtual multicellular individuals that display adaptive emergent functionality as a reaction to environmental stimuli.  > view
Manufacturing Automation Products
Technology backed by patents and know-how for manufacturing execution system, framework, reporting, dispatching, and equipment management products   > view
Network and Systems Management
Fault Diagnostic Testing, OS Access rtc.  > view
Networking Technology
Message, Data & Storage Network Methods & Management  > view
Manufacturing Automation Technology
Factory floor management system.  > view
Printer Configuration, Control and Upgrade Techniques
This portfolio contains inventions related to a printers configuration options and capabilities, as well as customization features aimed at increasing printing efficiency.  > view
Professional & Consumer Scanner and Printer Equipment
Including image sensing and processing.  > view
Advanced On-Demand e-Commerce Interactive System
Interactive virtual negotiation and selling system using natural language approach   > view
Auditory Equipment for a Robot
Auditory equipment and system that is able to attain active perception when hearing a sound from an external target.  > view
Image Processing
Eighteen U.S. patents and their family of international counterparts for sale.  > view
Animation Technology
Five U.S. patents offered for sale, in the field of animation.  > view
Network Communication Portfolio
36 US Network Patents for Sale  > view
Calculation Processing System and Method
Mathematical libraries and user programs efficiently and intelligently working together.  > view