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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 316

Physical Retail In-Store Behavior Sensing and Analytic Technology
Patents cover video analytics, mobile tracking, multimodal fusion, machine learning, and shopper science technology.  > view
Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Predictions
Finding correlations between data in big data analytics, making predictions with machine-learning, personalizing ratings and content  > view
Audio, Speech, Health monitoring and Therapy
Patents relating to audio, speech and noise reduction technology found in today's wireless communications systems, as well as technology found in health monitoring ...  > view
Buying and Selling Marketplace for Sports Betting
A bid/ask buying and selling marketplace for sports betting  > view
Healthcare Data Analytics
A family of 3 patents and 2 pending patents for data collection and distribution from disperse sources utilizing data collection tools in real-time.   > view
Captcha Technology Using a Puzzle
Puzzle Captcha is more secure, easier and faster to complete than commonly used text based captcha methods.  > view
Social Media Patents
Covering the interaction of individuals and groups of associates  > view
Task Matching Technical Support Services over a Network
The patent provides for computer users with a technical support problem to seek and find a competent individual(s) to solve the technical ...  > view
Mobile Services and Telematics
A collection of mobile patents covering billing process, online banking and telematics.  > view
Cloud and enterprise license management
For subscriptions, applications & other software   > view
Online Business Method for Out of Stock issues
Online Business Method that allows sellers to satisfy the demand of customers when item is out of stock or sold out.  > view
Systems and Methods for Controlling Portfolios AUTOMATICALLY
The patents allow for a user's investment to be AUTOMATICALLY moved from one ETF or FUND to another based on user prespecified criteria. ...  > view
Portfolio for Electronic Payments for E-Commerce
Three Patents and Two Applications That Describe An Alternative Electronic Payment System to PayPal  > view
IPTV Patent Portfolio
Standards-Essential Patent for TV/Video Delivery Online  > view
Three-Stage, Double Blind Credit Rating of Securities
A computer-implemented system and method for rating an asset by performing a double-blind, three-stage credit rating of a securitized instrument or other financial ...  > view
Web-Based Marketplace with Emotion Sensors & Other Hardware Patent
A web-based marketplace that will allow service providers and consumers alike to efficiently navigate this extremely fragmented sector  > view