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Protection against Phishing Attacks; Organizing Playlists for Digital Media
This portfolio centers around: (i) Protection against phishing attacks, and (ii) Organizing playlists for digital media based on user-defined “tags” that group together ...  > view
Enterprise Software Systems
System and a method for doing lock-free data access in a multi-core environment.  > view
Configurable Web Browser
Tailoring boundary and buttons of a web browser  > view
Multifunctional Websites Hot Spots
Create or modify multifunctional website hot spots - can be used in conjunction with digital media files, such as prerecorded and live-streamed audio ...  > view
Mobile / Cloud / GUI / Media Streaming Portfolio
Unencumbered Portfolio with Extensive Package of EOU  > view
An Online Network Collects a Dataset of an Individual's Information
Social network time line. A computer-implemented method for arranging and converting a dataset into a graphical representation for display.  > view
Task Matching Technical Support Services over a Network
The patent provides for computer users with a technical support problem to seek and find a competent individual(s) to solve the technical ...  > view
Cloud Storage Patents
Portfolio of Patents and Applications Addressing Online Storage Pools  > view
Glow Home Decor
Renewable Energy  > view
IPTV Patent Portfolio
Standards-Essential Patent for TV/Video Delivery Online  > view
Technique for Identifying and Registering Entities
Advanced number-search and information services based on a (SOA) domain architecture  > view
Voice and Speech Technology - Capture, Play, Reply, Share, Collaborate and Store
Speak your thoughts - share, play and reply to verbal conversations any time anywhere.  > view
Procedures for Language Text Generation
Enhanced generation of text or characters in non-english languages  > view
Manufacturing Automation Products
Technology backed by patents and know-how for manufacturing execution system, framework, reporting, dispatching, and equipment management products   > view
Graphics Systems
Devices, Circuits, Software and Methods  > view
Display Technology
Monitors, Projectors & Other Displays  > view
Mobile & Internet Gaming Technology
Host or Server based Play  > view
Manufacturing Automation Technology
Factory floor management system.  > view
Operating System (OS) and Runtime Library Technology
Math Operations, Program Transfers & Video Drivers  > view