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System, Method and Apparatus for Co-locating Visual Images and Associated Sound
It turns the screen itself into the source of audio, tying sounds to the displayed locations of images in the media, which is ...  > view
Internet broadcasting and Multicasting of Multimedia Content
The portfolio relates to technology for broadcasting content such as may be used by Internet Radio.  > view
Making Holographic Data of Complex Waveforms
Differentiation or recognition of a waveform pattern.  > view
Standards-Essential WiFi Patents Free of FRAND Obligations
Patents Cover Essential Aspects of 802.11n and 802.11ac  > view
Buying and Selling Marketplace for Sports Betting
A bid/ask buying and selling marketplace for sports betting  > view
A Patented "Type" of Game of Chance
A patented "Type of Game of Chance" being a method and apparatus for converting real or created, sporting or natural environments into a ...  > view
An Online Network Collects a Dataset of an Individual's Information
Social network time line. A computer-implemented method for arranging and converting a dataset into a graphical representation for display.  > view
Video Streaming Portfolio
Multiplexing & Scheduling Optimization  > view
Mobile Network
A portfolio of 12 issued U.S. patents and 40 international counterparts for a mobile communication network  > view
Glow Home Decor
Renewable Energy  > view
IPTV Patent Portfolio
Standards-Essential Patent for TV/Video Delivery Online  > view
Play-along prompted in time with a musical performance.
System and technique for the creation and playback of animated, interpretive, musical notation and audio synchronized with the recorded performance of an original ...  > view
Automated Music Portfolio Builder
No talk. No commercials. Just your favourite music from the radio.  > view
Combination Casino Game Patent
Craps and roulette in a single playing table format primarily for casino table game and can be implemented in a variety of electronic ...  > view
Gaming Method for Interactive Rule Change
Method for determining a rule change during game play for board, video, and virtual reality gaming.  > view
Silence-based Real Time Voice /Video Transmission
A methods and systems of silence-based adaptive real-time voice and video communication over the Internet.  > view
Keyboard with Multiple Indicia Sets
A keyboard displaying multiple sets of characters with no additional switching   > view
Award-Winning Digital Rights Management Software
Established Software Product Line with Profitable and Growing Revenue Streams  > view
Audio & Video Technology
Twenty one U.S. patent applications for sale.  > view