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Virtual Reality -- Augmented Reality Headset -- Mixed Reality -- Retractable Camera -- Medical Mask
Augmented Reality Lens built into Headwear. Virtual Reality headset built into apparel.  > view
Foldable Bike
A foldable bike that when folded, keeps wheels overlapped coaxially to forma a cart   > view
Point of Use Water Purification Device
Ultrafiltration of water is performed through the external skin of a spring loaded flexible container. This concept is characterized by low cost and ...  > view
Individually-controlled Passive Active and Resistive (IPAR) Rehabilitation Device
A portable, cost effective device to facilitate the restoration of strength and range of motion in the lower extremity.  > view
Drop Bed Trailer
Drop-bed trailer tested and proven over 50,000 miles - used for towing a motorcycle to a smart car, easily operated by one person.  > view