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Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 9

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Related Patents
Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) motor systems, drive trains, charging (both plug-in, external, internal, wireless), regenerative braking, and related electro propulsion technologies.  > view

Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 111

Prevention of Distracted Driving
Accurate software program that restricts the operator of any moving vehicle from using their mobile device while allowing all other passengers unrestricted use ...  > view
M* Path Finding Algorithm
Path Finding Algorithm that is generally faster than Dijkstra/A* with ability to find next-step without computation of full path.  > view
Dynamic Traffic Light System
Cost-effective traffic light for colorblind drivers and system for resolving the dilemma zone  > view
New Aero-space Transportation Patent
A new Areo-space transportation drive is claimed with defined thrust, defined efficiency and defined steerability performance   > view
Cost-effective Nodal Construction System for Load-bearing Lattice Structures
Assembly is fast and simple; it does not require any tools, bolts, gusset plates, welding, or glue. The bars or tubes become self-clamped ...  > view
Tri-Wing System for Reduction of Aerodynamic Drag-Ground Vehicles
A tri-wing system comprises one or more wings designed to redirect airflow toward low pressure areas behind the ground vehicle to reduce fuel ...  > view