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Physics : Thermodynamics

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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 2

Seeking Heating Technologies for Heat Pump Water Heater at Low Temperature
We are seeking solutions and/or technologies for heat pump water heaters to work properly (generate hot water) even when the environmental temperature ...  > view
Seeking Technologies for Smart Materials
Our multinational partner company is seeking mature and proven technologies in the field of smart materials.  > view

Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 18

Fireproof Covers for Homes & Life-saving Fire-resistant Tents for Firemen
Fireproof house covers as protection from wildfires & extensible, connectable fireproof tents for firemen fighting wildfires and chemical/other fires on industrial sites & bullet ...  > view
Hand Propelled Device to Heat Up All Fluids
Through the use of kinetic energy, a small electrical current is generated to heat up liquids, gels, oils and cremes, up to approx 3 ...  > view
Infrared Sensor
Integrated thermopile infrared transducer and signal processing ccts.  > view
Electronic All-Silicon Pressure Sensor & Assembly
MEMS integrated pressure sensor & ccts, plus low cost reliable stainless steel sensor assemblies  > view
Automotive Engine Patents
Portfolio covers themostats, fuel filters, exhaust manifolds.  > view
Waste Heat Recovery to generate mechanical and/or electrical energy
primarily for internal combustion engines but works with any waste heat source. used to increase efficiency and/or power output.  > view