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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 3

Smart Home Patents
Looking to acquire patents covering smart home technologies  > view
Consumer Health Monitoring Patents
Looking for patents that monitor patients at home.  > view
Semiconductor IC Package Assembly Equipment Designs and Technology Sought
Automated equipment designed for processing or manufacturing of IC package assembly  > view

Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 19

Robotic Patent Portfolio
Automative Robot portfolio  > view
Electrochemical Treatment of Biological Processes
Techniques and devices for electrical, chemical, electrochemical, and/or photochemical control of biological and biotechnological processes, e.g., treatment of cancer, benign tumors, ...  > view
Electrical Stimulation Systems with Sensors and Feedback
Patents covering method and electronic components for electrical stimulation systems for biomedical applications. Electrical signals can be continuously adjusted using sensors and feedback ...  > view
Powerful Ultrafast and Robust Control Algorithm
This algorithm simultaneously optimizes the time and frequency response of feedback control systems.  > view
External Sensor Systems for TV, Game Consoles, Surveillance or other Device Controls
The operation of remote control transmitter functions using external sensors allowing for the control of TVs, game consoles, digital video recorders and other ...  > view