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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 3

Looking for Perceptual User Interface (PUI) Patents
Seeking patents covering gesture recognition.  > view
Seeking Patents in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Both hardware and software solutions will be considered  > view
Searching for Patents Related to Online Wagering & Video Games
We are looking to acquire Japanese and U.S. patents & portfolios  > view

Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 15

M* Path Finding Algorithm
Path Finding Algorithm that is generally faster than Dijkstra/A* with ability to find next-step without computation of full path.  > view
System, Method and Apparatus for Co-locating Visual Images and Associated Sound
It turns the screen itself into the source of audio, tying sounds to the displayed locations of images in the media, which is ...  > view
TV-remote with Transparent Touch-Screen for Performing Multi-Touch Functions
Remotely performing multi-touch functions on a TV-screen, as the user viewing the TV-screen from distance through a transparent touch-screen that is held by ...  > view
Interacting Display for Precise Aiming Shooting Games on LCD/OLED
Photodetector matrix is constructed on face of LCD/OLED display for measuring infrared light-spot on the display projected from shooting gun. An improvement ...  > view
Play-along prompted in time with a musical performance.
System and technique for the creation and playback of animated, interpretive, musical notation and audio synchronized with the recorded performance of an original ...  > view