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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 20

Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and LED Chip Sets
ASIC and system on a chip (SoC) related patents for wireless processors, including baseband processing and video processing, and LED chip sets  > view
Electronic Components Patents
Component-related patents that cover products & services in Core CPU, MEMS Microphones, Memory, Baseband, HDD, and Balanced Armature Speakers  > view
Digital Memory Patents Wanted
Seeking Patents Deployed in Electronic Products  > view

Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 411

Image Processing & Electronics Portfolio
Image Processing & Electronics Portfolio  > view
Audio, Speech, Health monitoring and Therapy
Patents relating to audio, speech and noise reduction technology found in today's wireless communications systems, as well as technology found in health monitoring ...  > view
Methods for Transfer of Semiconductor Die, Including LEDs
The patented technology provides methods for removal and transfer of semiconductor die from a host substrate to a target substrate.   > view
Programmable Semiconductor Controlled Rectifier (SCR) for ESD Protection
SCR protection with the ability to separately program trigger and holding voltages.  > view
Flash Memory Portfolio
Priority Dates Back to 2002  > view