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Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 10

Middleware and Databases
Middleware software, with a focus on enterprise-focused solutions, and database technologies. Related technologies: CRM, ERP  > view

Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 43

mHealth data capture
This is BI in its purest form. The technology performs data capture of encrypted codes through SMS/WiFi  > view
An Online Network Collects a Dataset of an Individual's Information
Social network time line. A computer-implemented method for arranging and converting a dataset into a graphical representation for display.  > view
Biomedical Information Navigator
Biomedical Information Navigator (BIN) is anadvanced visualization, multi- layered databases, network analytical cloud-based software and web service.  > view
Three-Stage, Double Blind Credit Rating of Securities
A computer-implemented system and method for rating an asset by performing a double-blind, three-stage credit rating of a securitized instrument or other financial ...  > view
Technique for Identifying and Registering Entities
Advanced number-search and information services based on a (SOA) domain architecture  > view
Client-server patent for accessing content over networks
Patent covering search for music and video over internet or intranet  > view