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Patent strategies are a key part of mainstream business today. In order to maximize the return you generate on your patent investments, it’s important that your engineers and other members of your staff understand patents and intellectual property.

Tynax has created law-school style online courses on Patents & Intellectual Property and Patent Strategies in conjunction with our sister company Silicon Valley Business School. We also offer live half-day and full-day seminars that we will deliver in your office or via web conference.

Collaboration with Silicon Valley Business School

SVBS Tynax has collaborated with its sister company Silicon Valley Business School, to develop and deliver a series of online courses for patent professionals.

Online Course on Patents & Intellectual Property

In this course, the student is provided with an understanding of patents, the patenting process, trademarks, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property protection. Patents are essential components of the high-technology business landscape, and in these materials, students gain a good understanding of how and why patents are issued, how they are asserted and can be sometimes invalidated.

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Online Course on Patent Strategies

Patent assertion, defensive measures, portfolio construction and other strategic issues are taught in this course. The various business models encountered in the patent business are presented and discussed, including patent aggregators, non-practicing entities and defensive patent pools.

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Online Course on Valuation

SVBS This course explains the valuation techniques commonly used in Silicon Valley and the technology sector. Discounted cash flow and income-based techniques are discussed, together with cost based and comparable approaches. The following topics are covered: the market forces of supply and demand, revenue multiples, earning multiples, liquidity discount, return on investment, pre-and post- investment valuations. These techniques are applied to the appraisal of patents, software, trademarks and the valuation of startups in the seed, early, expansion and mezzanine stages of development.

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Online Course on Remedies

Injunctions often block the sale of products in an entire market. Patent licensing, trademark and copyright disputes are just some examples of areas where business leaders find themselves involved in lawsuits. An understanding of the various remedies available from courts is essential for business executives and anyone involved in a legal dispute. In this module, the student learns the various remedies that can be awarded by the U.S. courts. Legal and equitable remedies are explained. Remedies covered include compensatory damages, punitive damages, injunctions, restraining orders and restitution for unjust enrichment. The materials provide common defenses available in law and equity.

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Online Course on Civil Procedure

Technology-oriented companies involved in patent licensing and other companies entering the US marketplace must be aware of the reach of the federal and state courts, and the procedures they will follow when they find themselves in legal disputes. Consumer class actions, product liability claims, patent, trademark and copyright infringement are examples of the types of disputes executives in Silicon Valley corporations are required to deal with. In this module, the student learns the basis of civil procedure in the U.S. Topics covered include personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, venue, pleadings, service of process, joinder and judgments.

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Online Course on Evidence

U.S. federal rules of evidence are presented in this module. Topics covered include relevancy of evidence, character evidence, hearsay, impeachment of witnesses, expert testimony, authentication and privileges.

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Custom Live Seminars and Workshops

Drawing from all the educational material we prepared for our online courses, we are able to build custom courses for your organization, and deliver them to your staff in your offices. These workshops could be half-day or full-day in length. Of course, the live sessions could be supplemented with online learning in conjunction with our sister company Silicon Valley Business School.

Custom Online Seminars and Workshops

Via webcam, we are able to deliver custom courses for your staff and invite expert guest speakers to participate in interactive classes and discussions.