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About Tynax

Welcome to Tynax. We are dealmakers, brokering patent-centric transactions. We help patent holders monetize their patented inventions, converting them into profitable revenues. On the other hand, we help organizations assemble patent portfolios quickly through acquisition, and source patents for counter-assertion.

Patent are weapons of litigation, and patent transactions can get a little complicated (see our free book Patents, Cloaks and Daggers--Inside the Secretive Patent Trade). With more than 15 years' experience brokering patent sale and licensing deals, we've had to find ways of overcoming obstacles that appear to get in the way of a successful closing. We have the experience, the insights and the ingenuity to find ways of making deals happen.

For small, independent inventors with infringed patents, we broker deals with buyers and relationships with teams of licensing professionals. For some inventors, it makes sense to sell patents outright. For others, the more profitable route is to run licensing campaigns, and this requires a team of professionals. We love to help inventors turn their creativity and hard work into profitable revenues, however, many patents aren't ready for monetization. Until a patent is infringed, and the infringement is widespread, the patent is of little or no interest to buyers and the licensing teams we work with are specialists at licensing infringed patents.

For large, operating companies with established patent portfolios, we can help you monetize your patents, turning dormant assets into profitable revenue streams. Our proprietary software helps us sort through your portfolio and identify patents that have ripened to the point that they can be readily licensed or sold. Our analysts can prepare claims charts and evidence-of-use that form the basis of patent marketing and licensing campaigns.

For companies that are looking to assemble a powerful portfolio of patents, we can help you identify and acquire rights to patents that you can use to defend against attack from your competitors. Our Patent Library has 562,984 patents available for sale, each one analyzed and indexed in our system, so we can sort them to find the ones best matching your needs. If you need patents for counter-assertion against a particular company, we can find patents reading on that company's products. We also run online buying programs, using our own proprietary dealflow processing system, where we reach out to patent holders and encourage them to submit patents that they're looking to sell. If you let us know what types of patents you're looking for, we can find them in our library, hunt them down through targeted research or generate a large number of submissions through an online buying program.

About Tynax, Inc.

Tynax was incorporated as a Delaware corporation in 2003, and has operated ever since from its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.

Since that time, Tynax has acted as a full-service patent broker representing buyers and sellers in patent sale and licensing transactions.

The Company operates an online Patent Library designed to help patent holders convert dormant assets into profit centers, provide clients with quality patents when they need them and slash the cost of acquiring patent protection.

Global Reach

Tynax operates a global network of experienced brokers and licensing executives and a sophisticated online exchange system matching hundreds of thousands of patent assets with thousands of patent buyers.

Working through its traders, agents, brokers and representatives in many countries across the world, Tynax has access to the largest markets where patents, technologies and intellectual property are traded. The most active markets for the Company are currently: U.S.A., Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China & the European Union.

Experience Brokering Patent and Technology Asset Sales

Tynax acts as the broker representing the buyer in a patent sale and licensing transactions and works to structure the best possible arrangements for its clients. The parties to a transaction are represented by separate legal counsel. Tynax does not raise finance for clients, otherwise broker securities, offer or provide legal services.

The transactions brokered by Tynax usually range in value from $100,000 to $10m. The average transaction size is close to $1m. See here for samples of transactions brokered by Tynax.

Broad Technology Coverage

Developers use Tynax to reach a global audience of potential technology buyers and licensees. From small developers posting single listings, to large organizations publishing extensive catalogs, Tynax provides the platform to market technologies of all types. From wireless networking to semiconductor to medical devices, Tynax covers over 130 technology topics.

World Class Team

The Tynax team is made up of world-class lawyers, technologists, investment bankers, patent specialists, researchers, marketers and deal-makers.

Financial Stability

Tynax Inc. has been consistently profitable generating positive cash flow since inception in 2003. The Company is privately held and privately financed.