Tynax ~ Patent Library


We offer a free membership to the Patent Library that enables you to submit listings which will be matched up to our members and active patent-oriented companies all over the world. Beyond the free access, we offer a premium membership that easily justifies the $5,000/year investment.

Basic Membership (Free)

You can create an account and become a member for free. Your free basic membership will enable you to post listings of patents and evidence-of-use materials you're looking to monetize.

How to Create a Listing

To create a listing, you first need to create an account . After logging in to your account console, select "Create Listing" from the My Listings tab. Then simply answer the questions presented in the forms and enter your patent numbers. We advise you to answer the questions as fully as possible. Once you've submitted your listing, it will be pending until our staff have reviewed it, and posted it live. Once the listing goes live, email alerts will go out to all the buyers and licensees that are looking for patents and technologies in your space. Buyers and licensees can also find your listing by searching our library, or through Google and other searches. Once someone clicks the "Tell Me More" button and expresses an interest in your listing, we will contact you to help you broker a patent sale or licensing transaction.

When we bring you proposals to sell or license your patents, they will be accompanied by proposals for our success fees, which are discussed in more detail below.

Premium Membership (US$5,000/year)

When you invest in a premium membership, our IP strategists conduct analysis of your patents and your objectives, then we provide you with a custom patent strategy recommendations report, email alerts, research services, outbound promotion marketing and outbound patent sourcing.

Custom Patent Strategy Recommendations Report

After learning about your business and your IP strategy, our analysts prepare a report with recommendations as to how you might reduce costs associated with your patents, generate a return on your patent investment and acquire patent protection. The report will identify the following:

  • Patents you own that are good candidates for monetization through licensing or patent sale. This involves our researches identifying patents in your portfolio that have the best chance of being practiced in the marketplace.
  • Patents in the library that we suggest you earmark for purchase or licensing. This includes patents you might want to check out for defense, and licenses you might want to buy to block your competitors.

Email Alerts

We update you throughout the year as new patents are listed in the library matching your interests.

Research Services

You receive help from our researchers for a total of ten hours, usually focused on matching patents with potential licensees.

Outbound Promotion Marketing

If you have patents and you're looking to monetize them, premium membership buys you an active marketing campaign, rather than a passive one. We prepare a marketing package, draw up lists of potential buyers and licensees, then we approach them on your behalf actively marketing and selling your assets.

Outbound Patent Sourcing

If you're looking for patent protection, premium membership buys you the assistance of our IP Strategists to help you find patents from the library and beyond. Once patents are identified matching your needs, we help you to license the patents, check them out and structure transactions that provide you with effective patent protection.

Success Fees

When we bring you proposals to sell or license your patents, they will be accompanied by proposals for our success fees, which are payable only when you successfully collect patent sale or licensing revenues from the resulting transactions. You are not obliged to accept any offers or complete any transactions--the decisions are entirely yours. Success fee are only payable in the event of success, in the form of closed transactions.

For sellers, the success fees are calculated as a percentage of the revenues collected. For buyers, the success fees are based on the number of patents (or licenses) successfully acquired.

Research, Analysis, Valuation and Consulting Fees

Our hourly rate for consulting and analysis service work is US$300/hour. As discussed above, ten hours of consulting is included in the premium membership package, but much of that is invested into the Patent Strategy Recommendations Report.