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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 104

Patented Biodegradable Fire Resistant Foam
Foam to protect homes and buildings in the event of a wildfire  > view
IoT Portfolio Covering Smart Cars, Smart Homes and Mobile Devices
Within each field of use, the patent portfolio broadly covers the areas of: entertainment; communications and mobile content; and sensor systems.  > view
Sectional Fold-Up Garage Door
A compact overhead garage door - it is convenient and quiet, with a space saving, economical design.  > view
Collapsible Reusable Pallet
This pallet is designed to collapse when stored - saves logistic and pallet companies millions of dollars a year in warehouse storage and ...  > view
Hurricane Resistant Building
Hurricane resistant building for both commercial and residential purposes.  > view
A Modular Building Construction Patent
A modular construction system with volume structures. With the system can be saved material, transportation and labor cost and can be created freeform ...  > view
Breakthrough, High R-Factor Building Insulation
Bubble Fusion Plastic Insulation can result in an Ultra-High R-Factor Insulation  > view
Universal Structural Element
The invention describes a universal structural element for the purpose of forming three-dimensional structures/buildings  > view
Nanocomposite materials containing polymer binders.
This team of scientists have managed to create nanotorus particles and also defined the processes to make it available for mass production of ...  > view
Road Surface and Resurfacing Method
Repairing roads and pavements -- method for effectively repairing holes, crevices and other openings in an asphalt road.  > view
Construction Patent - Support Structure For Soft Ground
A universal modular support structure for all-year-round construction on most problematic soft soils with the highest load-bearing capacity  > view
Routing & Networking Portfolio
Inventions cover various aspects of network routing, switching and searching.  > view
Building Energy Collection and Storage System - with just two moving parts.
For use on facades and roofs with the intention of collecting heat and storing it to heat the building , or radiating heat out ...  > view
Gene Sequencing Inventions
Techniques for Complex Genetic and Molecular Information Analysis  > view
A Roof Soaker - an Exterior Fire Suppressant System
A fire extinguishing roof soaker that can extinguishes flying embers landing on a roof during wildfires, brush fires or forest fires.  > view
Environmentally attractive foundation pier & HVAC system for waterfront developments
The pier consists of an ice core with a refrigeration system & insulation to keep the ice solid, protected by double walls typically of ...  > view
Water Soluble and Dissolvable Tape or Blanket Filled with Paint Remover
The tape is made from PVOH, A water soluble film (much the same as the soluble plastic you find on a dishwasher soap ...  > view
Earthquake Force Absorption System
Earthquake absorption system comprised of a spring system installed with or below building foundations  > view
Glow Home Decor
Renewable Energy  > view
Electrical Box Wire Shield
An electrical box or lighting fixture that helps to prevent fires caused by a short circuit, the box protects the wires.  > view