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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 219

IoT Portfolio Covering Smart Cars, Smart Homes and Mobile Devices
Within each field of use, the patent portfolio broadly covers the areas of: entertainment; communications and mobile content; and sensor systems.  > view
Power Foot Pedal For Drum Set
An improved bass drum pedal that is power assisted with a motor.   > view
Portable Audio System with Changeable Functionality
A portable audio system includes a housing, battery, wiring harness, speakers, and two or more audio controllers, each including at least one audio ...  > view
Voice Analysis Patent Portfolio - 10 assets
Digital services related to phone calls voice analysis (notes, emotions, searching in audio information). Ideal for CRC, insurance, banking and IoT focused.  > view
Personalized Electronic Greeting Card
Electronic greeting card - records a message and allows for playback of personalized greeting, message  > view
Authentic Reproduction of Acoustic Signal
The patented method may be applied to the reproduction of the acoustic signal in an audio reproduction room substantially identical to the original ...  > view
Guitar Pitch Stability System and a 7-Way Circuit for 3-PickUp Guitars
Allows for topside restringing of Fender Stratocaster guitars using only original and add-on parts; also a unique 7-way symmetric circuit for any 3-pickup ...  > view
Large Portfolio of Telecommunication Patents
Over eighty issued U.S. patents and their international counterparts.  > view
Smart Phones and Related Technologies and Applications.
The portfolio spans across technologies covering & relating to routing in mobile ad-hoc networks, context monitoring, haptics, RFID, noise cancellation, voice/speech recognition thru ...  > view
Input Interface Technologies
The portfolio consists of an instant messaging interaction system and a magnetic joystick.  > view
Radial Speaker - Loudspeaker with 360 Degree Dispersion
A high-end-audio device - an 'omnidirectional radial tweeter'.  > view
Telecom Patent Portfolio
Portfolio of 7 US patents with international counterparts covering: MIMO, Wi-Fi Wireless, 4G/ LTE, 3G, Backhaul and Mobile patents  > view
DCT and Home Automation Patent Portfolio
Designs and methods for digital cordless telephone and other wireless devices  > view
Play-along prompted in time with a musical performance.
System and technique for the creation and playback of animated, interpretive, musical notation and audio synchronized with the recorded performance of an original ...  > view
Electronic Publishing Portfolio
Portfolio of 14 Issued US Patents from an Operating Company   > view
USB Audio devices for mobile applications
Multipurpose USB audio devices for mobile computing  > view
Digital convergence portfolio
Significant portfolio covering digital audio, video, hardware, imaging processing and electronic circuitry  > view
Fast Time-Scale Modification of Digital Signals
A very fast and simple method for modifying the time-scale of an audio or other digital signal while preserving the principal frequencies.  > view
Digital Voice Messaging
As simple to use as voice mail but also easily managed on a desktop or mobile devices in the same way as email   > view
Telecommunication Patent Portfolio
US issued patents and several foreign patents in the field of antenna, mobile multimedia, navigation, radiation and security technology  > view