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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 310

Immediate Cross Border Dividend & Interest Withholding Tax Refund Solutions
The technology enables financial intermediaries to receive immediate payments and obtain relief on cross border dividend and interest withholding taxes from foreign government ...  > view
IoT Portfolio Covering Smart Cars, Smart Homes and Mobile Devices
Within each field of use, the patent portfolio broadly covers the areas of: entertainment; communications and mobile content; and sensor systems.  > view
Buying and Selling Marketplace for Sports Betting
A bid/ask buying and selling marketplace for sports betting  > view
Healthcare Data Analytics
A family of 3 patents and 2 pending patents for data collection and distribution from disperse sources utilizing data collection tools in real-time.   > view
Captcha Technology Using a Puzzle
Puzzle Captcha is more secure, easier and faster to complete than commonly used text based captcha methods.  > view
Social Media Patents
Covering the interaction of individuals and groups of associates  > view
Task Matching Technical Support Services over a Network
The patent provides for computer users with a technical support problem to seek and find a competent individual(s) to solve the technical ...  > view
Large Portfolio of Telecommunication Patents
Over eighty issued U.S. patents and their international counterparts.  > view
Mobile Services and Telematics
A collection of mobile patents covering billing process, online banking and telematics.  > view
Cloud and enterprise license management
For subscriptions, applications & other software   > view
Online Business Method for Out of Stock issues
Online Business Method that allows sellers to satisfy the demand of customers when item is out of stock or sold out.  > view
Systems and Methods for Controlling Portfolios AUTOMATICALLY
The patents allow for a user's investment to be AUTOMATICALLY moved from one ETF or FUND to another based on user prespecified criteria. ...  > view
Portfolio for Electronic Payments for E-Commerce
Three Patents and Two Applications That Describe An Alternative Electronic Payment System to PayPal  > view
IPTV Patent Portfolio
Standards-Essential Patent for TV/Video Delivery Online  > view
Three-Stage, Double Blind Credit Rating of Securities
A computer-implemented system and method for rating an asset by performing a double-blind, three-stage credit rating of a securitized instrument or other financial ...  > view
Web-Based Marketplace with Emotion Sensors & Other Hardware Patent
A web-based marketplace that will allow service providers and consumers alike to efficiently navigate this extremely fragmented sector  > view
DVD Patents
DVD Patents  > view
Conditional Access System for Content Distributors & Service Providers
Reduces piracy, enhances security for service provider and subscriber.  > view