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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 494

Wifi Authentication
The portfolio discloses a method for allowing a user to access the Internet via public hotspots  > view
Flash Memory Portfolio
Priority Dates Back to 2002  > view
Photograph sorting method for portable communication device
Photographs are sorted by face recognition, a multiple sorting photo folders is generated automatically based on the result of face recognition.   > view
IoT Portfolio Covering Smart Cars, Smart Homes and Mobile Devices
Within each field of use, the patent portfolio broadly covers the areas of: entertainment; communications and mobile content; and sensor systems.  > view
Wireless Communications Protocol
A wireless transport layer protocol for data packets transmitted between wireless and land-line communication networks, and for confirming their transmission.  > view
Mobile Communicator Device Including User Attentiveness Detector
A mobile communicator with a speed detection system. Includes a user attentiveness detector to determine whether a user is inattentive and a sensor ...  > view
Powerful Ultrafast and Robust Control Algorithm
This algorithm simultaneously optimizes the time and frequency response of feedback control systems.  > view
Scalable Video Coding Method
Method of scalable video coding where the video signal coded at various layers of spatial resolution, by means of a prediction mechanism between ...  > view
Captcha Technology Using a Puzzle
Puzzle Captcha is more secure, easier and faster to complete than commonly used text based captcha methods.  > view
Position Change Sensing Anti-Theft Device
The invention is related to position change detection techniques, especially suitable for theft prevention of valuable items.  > view
Digital Rights Management
International Patent Portfolio Securing Digital Content on Smartphones and other Devices  > view
Video Streaming Portfolio
Multiplexing & Scheduling Optimization  > view
Predictive Key For Entering Punctuation Quickly
A smart key that predicts what punctuation the user will be entering next.  > view
Mobile Services and Telematics
A collection of mobile patents covering billing process, online banking and telematics.  > view
Data Security Portfolio
Data security digital signature and authentication   > view
Geographic Information System
Four U.S. patents and their international counterparts.  > view
Authentication via Complex Picture Passwords
Provides a robust, usable, inexpensive and scalable multi-factor authentication solution.  > view
Cloud and enterprise license management
For subscriptions, applications & other software   > view
Keyboard Mouse
A mouse with built-in keyboard.  > view