Tynax ~ The Patent Brokers

Sourcing Quality Assets and Compelling EOU for Patent Buyers

Welcome to Tynax. With unique software and professional services, we help our clients quickly assemble litigation-quality patent portfolios through acquisition. We specialize in sourcing quality patents and compelling EOU for buyers of all types. We match buyers with strategic patents, broker patent sale transactions and provide a system to streamline the entire patent sourcing process:

  • More quality patents. Currently, our system features 34,175 high-tech patents available for sale and 352,970 patents currently available and searchable by Tynax staff.
  • More credible EOU. We gather and provide our clients with detailed Rule 11-style claims charts.
  • Unique patent sourcing management dashboard. Patent buyers are provided with a secure online console where they track patent candidates and manage the entire patent evaluation and purchase process.
  • Unique collaboration tools. Our proprietary system streamlines the process of evaluating patents and communication between members of the buying team. Analysis, EOU, recommendations and notes are shared among analysts, buyers and other members of the team.
  • Private label patent intake system. Your patent sourcing management console can be attached to a private label submission system that acts as an extension of your own website.
  • Outreach campaigns. Our system provides us with the ability to run focused, targeted sourcing campaigns that drive patent submissions directly to our buyers.
  • Unique matching system. When new patents are posted into our system, they are immediately matched with buyers and email alerts are generated. We are able to quickly search through huge volumes of patents and EOU to find patents our clients are looking for.
When you outsource your patent sourcing efforts to Tynax, you buy more time to evaluate quality candidates. We act as an interface between buyers, sellers and their brokers, reducing the communications load on the buyers and everyone involved. Sellers and brokers are kept up-to-date on the evaluation process through an online portal and email alerts.

If you’re already running a patent buying activity, you’re incurring costs, many of which can be reduced or eliminated when you engage Tynax. In fact, we have a model where your patent buying activity can be turned into a profit center.. strange but true!