Tynax ~ The Patent Brokers

Maximizing the Return on Your Patent Investment Means Making the Right Moves

If you're invested in patents, or investing in patents, Tynax helps you maximize your return on investment. We help you make the right move, at the right time!

Since 2003, Tynax has been helping clients source and acquire patents and monetize patents through asset sale transactions. Through this time, operating as a leading dealmaker on the front line of the patent industry, Tynax has developed a deep understanding of the marketplace, the motivations of buyers, sellers, licensors and licensees.

Tynax is connnected to the buyers, sellers and key players in the patent industry. Currently 34,112 high-tech patents are available for sale on our patent exchange.

Depending on the situation and your company objectives, making the right move could mean buying, selling, licensing or partnering.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we might be in position to help:

  • I have patents reading on mainstream products and I'd like to sell them at the best price possible.
  • I'm looking to buy patents reading on certain industry standards.
  • I'd like to operate anonymously in the patent marketplace and buy through an experienced agent.
  • I'm looking to buy patents reading on my competitors.
  • I'd like to brainstorm some ideas on how I might maximize my return on patent investments.
  • I'm looking to buy patents for my licensing program.
  • I'd like to explore ways I might be able to increase the revenues I generate from patent sale or licensing.
  • I need patents for counter-assertion, and I need them soon!
  • I'd like to investigate what forms of partnerships and alliances could help me strengthen my position.
  • I've been offered some patents and I want to evaluate them for a potential purchase.
  • I'm looking for a realistic and credible appraisal/valuation on my intellectual property assets.
  • I need help preparing claims charts and evidence of use.
  • I want to educate my team and bring them up to speed on trends and conditions in the current patent market.
Whether they're in litigation or not, most of our clients are concerned about confidentiality. We're accustomed to maintaining confidences and dealing with delicate situations. We've developed skills and techniques to protect our clients and there aren't many scenarios we haven't seen before.