Tynax ~ The Patent Brokers

Matching Buyers with Quality Patents & Technologies

Welcome to Tynax. We broker intellectual property transactions, representing buyers or sellers. Representing sellers, we provide full-service brokering capabilities including claims chart preparation, even producing video materials, and we handle all aspects of the transaction process.

With unique software and professional services, we help our buying clients quickly assemble litigation-quality patent portfolios through acquisition. We specialize in sourcing quality patents and compelling EOU for buyers of all types.

  • Sale of patent portfolios. Over the years, the bulk of our business has been focused on brokering the sale of patent portfolios. With our custom-developed system, we have the capability of handling large portfolios (consisting of several thousand patents) as well as small patent families.
  • buying program. We run a program for several buyers focused on acquiring infringed patents.
  • Sale of orphaned product lines. We find good homes for product lines that no longer match the strategic direction of one company, but offer profitable opportunities to others. We particularly enjoy brokering the transfer of discontinued product lines for high-tech corporate clients.
  • Patent licensing campaigns. We often broker arrangements connecting patent holders with licensing companies and firms of litigators. Our evidence of use and analysis is often used to support the licensing campaign. We have connections with all the prominent licensing companies, and a number of contingent litigation firms.
  • More quality patents. Currently, our system features 34,309 high-tech patents available for sale and 352,970 patents currently available and searchable by Tynax staff.
  • More credible EOU. We gather and provide our clients with detailed Rule 11-style claims charts.
  • Unique matching system. When new patents are posted into our system, they are immediately matched with buyers and email alerts are generated. We are able to quickly search through huge volumes of patents and EOU to find patents our clients are looking for.